A note from Karis to Super Hero Realtor® Joan Penrose

Thank you note to Joan Penrose
“What we love about our job as a Realtor®”

After Realtor® Joan Penrose showed a home in the Howell Michigan area, Karis, the youngest member of her client’s family, was so overjoyed by the home Joan showed them that she created and presented her with the below card and message:

Joan Penrose Thank you“What a beautiful note”.  Joan was very moved by the little girl’s thoughts and card.

The family and Joan had looked at another home, one which Karis seemed to really like, but further review of that property revealed that it would just not work as they would need.  Karis just could not believe that they would not be moving there.  This caused her to feel sad.

Joan, now known as “Super Realtor”Joan Penrose Super Realtor, flew into action.  She was up all night…” until 5:30 am actually “, searching all available homes for sale with room to support the family’s equine setup.  “My team member Pat Goulah happened upon a listing and sent it on to me.  I quickly forwarded the property onto my client and they loved it.”

That evening they scheduled their showing and indeed all fell in love with it.  “This is the one”.

It is the next day and the offer is being presented.  We are all pulling for Karis and her family.  PLEASE STAY TUNED…


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