Thinking About Selling, What are You Waiting for?


If you live in Southeast Michigan and have been thinking about selling, what are you waiting for?

Perhaps 2018 was not the actual year you had planned on selling, but based on the current real estate markets,  and low-interest rates, thinking about selling a home now could very well be more beneficial than you think.

Buyers are…, let’s just say it like it is, getting darn tired of the low inventory. Home Worth  These folks are pre-approved and know where they want to live but homes in the area are slow to hit the market, and when they do – they are often going up against several buyers, driving the home price up.   A Good time to sell?  YOU BET IT IS!

 Thinking About Selling

INTEREST RATES ARE LOW…FOR NOW.  For both the purchaser of your home and your own next home purchase, lower interest rates can help make the real estate transaction much more affordable.  They say mortgage rates are not expected to spike significantly this year but are forecasted to increase.  Give Partners Real Estate Professionals a call to sit down and discuss your plans.   They have helped many through the process of determining the best timing, based on their client’s goals.

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