Simple Home Repair Jobs

simple home repairs

Accomplishments — simple home repair jobs, even little ones will go a long way toward a sunny outlook. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy, quick home repair chores you can do when you’re mired in the thick of winter.

For max efficiency, make a to-do list ahead of time and shop for all the tools and supplies in one trip. On your work days, put the basics in a caddy and carry it from room to room, checking off completed tasks as you speed through them.

Easy Home Repairs

Below are examples of quick home repairs as provided by our friends at houselogic.  Keep in mind…Partners Real Estate Professionals are always happy to stop by and offer their guidance when it comes to what would be important to do, prior to selling your home.  Understanding the current local real estate market, together with your personal situation, is to be the #1 focus for any agent you meet with.  Now on with the list…

#1 Sagging Towel Rack or Wobbly TP Holder

Unscrew the fixture and look for the culprit. It’s probably a wimpy, push-in type plastic drywall anchor. Pull that out (or just poke it through the wall) and replace it with something more substantial. Toggle bolts are strongest, and threaded types such as E-Z Ancor are easy to install.

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#2 Silence Squeaky Door Hinges

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