Pre-Construction Services
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Pre-construction services

  •  Evaluation and early identification of existing building and/or site conditions providing information to architect or engineer for cost effective design solutions
  •   Work closely with owner and architect providing preliminary estimates to aid and refine the scope
  •  Research and evaluate material selections
  • Develop a detailed construction schedule
  • Work with municipalities for permitting and approvals

Construction Services

  • Obtain all permits and approvals required for restoration and/or building
  • Provide a team of Southeast Michigan’s best established tradespeople delivering quality, value and integrity while maintaining cost effective performance
  • Run weekly site meetings with Owner and architect as needed
  • Oversee project, assigning project manager and full time qualified construction supervisor as required
Whether you are fixing up your property for yourself, for leasing or for selling, it is vital that you take into consideration many factors.
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Estate Renovations – Factors to Consider


Price is obviously a big factor and should be a consideration, but not because it’s the highest or the lowest.

When tendering for a project, look for the most detailed explanation of the price and also a consistency when comparing multiple quotes.  If there is a stand out low or high price for the same job, it shouldn’t be considered.

At the end of the day, a brick costs what a brick costs and labor is also very consistent, so stand outs have either allowed for not enough or for too much and both will end up costing you the same.

Communication IconCommunication

Equally important is working with someone you can communicate with and at least feel you can trust; so if you don’t feel comfortable with them, don’t hire them!

Credentials IconCredentials

Choosing a builder naturally requires some research.

Don’t just check their credentials. Be sure to see what work they have done in the last 12 months.

I have never seen a bad reference, so I don’t take too much notice of them. What’s important with a builder is his ability to communicate not just with you but equally with his contractors, plumber and electrician.

Cross checking is also an important part of this process. Apart from word of mouth, check with HIA (Home Industry Association) MBA (Master Builders Association) and Department of Fair Trading, and under no circumstances should you consider an unlicensed builder or builder who does not have home warranty insurance.

Similar iconSimilar experiences

It’s also important to choose a builder with experience in projects of a similar style and size to yours.

Review Contract IconCheck the contract

Always make sure you have a written contract, understand it and follow it. I have heard a lot of people say the contract is only useful if something goes wrong, on the contrary if you follow it closely it’s more likely something won’t!


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