Ways to Make Your House Brighter in Winter

make your house brighter

Fall and winter start cozy — who hasn’t used the colder temperatures as an excuse to binge-watch Netflix while swaddled in a couch blanket?

But come January and February, staying indoors can feel less like a treat and more like you’re living in a cave.

Here’s how to make your house brighter, lighter, and cheerier with more natural light indoors.

#1 Take the Screens Off Your Windows

You’ll get 30% more sunlight shining indoors without screens on your windows.
shades off windows

Here’s the best part: Sunlight warms your room and saves you money on your heating bill. It’s solar power — for you!

Be sure to store your screens in your garage or basement where they won’t get damaged. In the spring you’ll want to put them back on so you can keep that 30% of the sun out and run your cooling system less.

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#2 Hang Outdoor String Lights Indoors

outside lights indoors
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