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“I have had to use my AHS warranty a few times this past year. It has been so easy to contact you, and the service workers who come to my home are friendly and very helpful. They have gone above and beyond to teach me about the systems in my new home, and how to keep them working properly.”

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Home Protection Plans

Life happens. And when it happens to a major system or appliance without a home protection plan, you’ll spend a lot of time, energy and money that, frankly, could be much better spent. This is where an American Home Shield® Home Protection Plan comes in. If your item is covered, we’ll have a service contractor contact you to schedule an appointment. We are available to make the entire process simple – start to finish. Worry Less. Live More.

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America’s 1st Choice Home Warranty  


AFC_America's_1st_Choice_Home_ClubAmerica’s 1st Choice Home Club was founded by a group of service-oriented people with experience in the field of home protection plans.

Our company was created to provide affordable, extended home protection plans so that home owners never have to receive the bad news of an unexpected and costly repair bill. afchomeclub picture of tech

With home repair costs going higher every day and family budgets being stretched further and further, the last thing any family needs is a $3000 home repair bill, and no way to know if tomorrow will bring another surprise.

Another driving force behind our company is that we respect our customer’s privacy. Not only do we have a strict privacy policy, but unlike most other warranty providers, America’s 1st Choice Home Club does not ask for personal information before providing you with a quote. We will never sell or share your information with anyone.

Combine high quality, superior coverage, excellent service, low price and a respect for our customers, and you have America’s 1st Choice Home Club.

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Fast & Dependable Home Warranty Service from Local Technicians

A home warranty can be very beneficial and save you money when it is understood and used for its intended purpose, which is to cover systems and appliances for normal wear and tear, that were in working condition before the contract took effect.* You never know for certain when a covered major system or appliance in your home will break down. But sooner or later, everything wears out. Whether it’s your heating system or even a dishwasher – nothing lasts forever.

It’s simple! If a covered system in your home breaks down due to normal wear and tear, just call the 24/7 claims hotline and CHW will dispatch a local, licensed, and insured technician to service your home warranty claim.** If the covered item is beyond repair, CHW will replace your unit with a similar or like feature model, or even send you a check to buy a new item!*** Make sure you have reviewed your home warranty contract before you utilize it to understand what is covered and what is not.

Home warranties in general cover most, but not necessarily all, appliance breakdowns and major systems failures. A home warranty protects you and your family against financial setbacks due to costly repair or replacement of covered major systems and appliances. Home warranty plans can help you control many of your costs on covered repairs and you’ll enjoy a hassle-free relationship with the home warranties contractor network saving you both time and money.   GET A QUOTE

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