Getting the Most Money for Your Home

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Sellers Guide: Getting the Most Money for Your Home
So, you’re thinking about selling your home? It goes without saying that you want to sell your home for as much money as you can. So, what is the biggest secret to maximizing how much you can get for your home? It is actually quite simple, and we can break it down to one rule…

Make it easy for buyers to fall in love with your home!

That is it, that’s the rule. It is that easy. The goal is to make buyers feel an emotional connection to your home.  If that is difficult for them, they won’t see their future, and they won’t fall in love with the home and see it as a “must buy”. Must buy

To do this it is best to remove any barriers that are within your control, and that you can remove or change.
  • Step 1, make your home beautiful inside and out. Give it a little TLC and put your home’s best foot forward!
  • Step 2, remove any uncertainty ahead of time. Things around the home that may have people hem and haw over can be a barrier.
  • Step 3, ensure your home is easy to show. Make it free and fun to walk through and enjoy the space, make it so buyers can attach themselves to the home.
  • Step 4, be as cooperative as possible, however, within reason.  In working with their agent, if buyers feel you are fair and easy to work with, it will help the process along. Remember overall, ask yourself this, “would this make it easier or harder for someone to fall in love with my home?”

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